Buzz about Bitcoin

Buzz about Bitcoin

Buzz about Bitcoin by Rob Wiser

It’s said that “crypto currency” (with Bitcoin the 800-pound gorilla for the foreseeable future) will eventually transform our lives in a way we haven’t seen since the arrival of the Internet.
I post about Bitcoin from time to time, and over the past couple of months, I’ve had old friends and family members (whom I never thought would be interested in this) reach out to me, to ask how to get started with it.
Which is a sign that this is really starting to penetrate the mainstream and gain wider acceptance and recognition. (Much more important, however, are the countries and major banks that are getting on this bandwagon.)
To the skeptics, however, all of this “buzz about Bitcoin” among regular people is a sign that it is a bubble that is due to burst.
I have painful personal experience with the last technology mega-bubble. The Internet. Back in 2000, the “Wild West” days of the internet, I was hired by a dotcom startup in New York City that had $90 million in Wall Street financing. I was paid an exorbitant salary (me being a young broke wanna-be filmmaker) to write scripts and produce shows and content for what would be an “internet media studio” that would deliver new music, cartoons, and shows by independent artists, via the web.
The company I worked for wound up flaming out in spectacular fashion. Tech was one of many huge problems. Delivering streaming media, back then, was a nightmare. And the main founder of the company (who was much beloved) suddenly died just weeks before the launch.
(He was one of my early mentors – the larger-than-life George Jackson, former president of Motown Records and producer of “New Jack City” and other urban classics.)
Tons of other ambitious, extravagantly funded dotcoms went down in flames around that time. But was it a “bubble?” Or was the world just not ready for it? (If you think back to 2000, it would be four more years until Facebook launched…and five more years until YouTube.)
Maybe Bitcoin is in a bubble. No one can say. It can’t hurt to buy in with some money you can afford to lose. (I thought I came late to the party when I bought in for $2900 back in August. Now it’s at $8,000+ and I believe it will go much, much higher.)
Understand this: you don’t need $8,000 to get in. You can buy a fraction of a coin for $100 or $500 or whatever you want. And then you have skin in the game.
And if this is a bubble, and it crashes big-time at some point, I still have no doubt that crypto currency is the future. To say otherwise would be the equivalent of me saying, “Oh well, that whole internet thing was a stupid idea” when the dotcom I worked for in 2000 crashed and burned.
So while I think it’s a great idea to invest some money in Bitcoin right now, I also think it’s a fantastic idea to take the time to LEARN about it. Read up. Watch a YouTube documentary. Don’t criticize from the sidelines without understanding WHY this transformative technology has so many fans and backers.
This is an extremely simplified version of my thoughts on Bitcoin and where it is headed, but personally, I find it fascinating and I devote some time each day to trying to understand its history and what it promises in the future. And to hopefully be ahead of the curve, whether my crypto currency investments wind up being called “Bitcoin” or something else.

Rob Wiser is an Author of many books and products and international traveler and speaker.

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Why you should use Shopify


Why you should use Shopify


Shopify is one of the most robust and user-friendly e-commerce platforms on the market today. It is easy to set up an account with Shopify, upload your products and set up your store so that you can begin selling right away. Plus, Shopify offers very reasonable prices, and takes care of everything from the shipping to the payment gateways. So where does this company come from and how have they become the number one e-commerce platform on the market today? GET STARTED WITH SHOPIFY CLICK HERE:

Shopify began in 2004. It is based in Ontario, Canada, and was founded by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake. They currently have over 200,000 merchants that have online stores with their platform and the amount of merchandise volume that goes through Shopify stores is far greater than $10 billion. This is impressive when you think about the fact that three guys created the store just because they couldn’t find an e-commerce platform that they liked.

Most of the work on coding was done by Tobias Lütke. The guys were inspired to make this store because they wanted to make a sporting goods store called Snowdevil. The framework Ruby on Rails was used to create Shopify in the platform is actually launched in June 2006. Three years later Shopify released the App Store and API allowing people to create apps for the App Store. There are several companies that are in the business of making Shopify apps.

The platform joined the mobile revolution in April 2010. Their first mobile app was for the Apple. This allowed Shopify storeowners to manage their store directly from their mobile devices for the first time. They also began a contest that brought in several well-known entrepreneurs to mentor people who were building their businesses. The Shopify payments platform, which is one of the reasons that so many people go with Shopify, was released in August 2013. In 2014, the platform had 120,000 merchants and in 2015, the company released their initial public offering and began trading at $28 a share.

The platform has become immensely popular among just about everyone in the e-commerce industry. Shopify has made it easy for people to start their own e-commerce website and is hosting some very large and prestigious online retailers. With all of the options available that are native to Shopify, and all of the add-on options that you get with the App Store, you can’t go wrong with Shopify.



Elvis Impersonator Johnny Thompson


Elvis Impersonator

Elvis Impersonator Wins Grand Championship in Memphis

Sometimes events in your life have a way of turning out for the best!

That is what happened to JOHNNY THOMPSON in Memphis during the 2007 ELVIS WEEK. Johnny was in Memphis because he won in the preliminary Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition in Del Mar, California.
Right before he left for Memphis, he told this reporter that he might not win the coveted title of “2007 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” in the first-ever ETA competition sponsored by the ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES. However, he said he would be happy enough if he makes it to the Top Ten.
Unfortunately he didn’t!
But God had something better in store for him. He was crowned the “2007 Images of the King World Champion” two days later! The saying that “God will not take you to where His grace will not sustain you” is true indeed!The “Images of the King” contest was tough. Seventy-two ETAs from around the world competed in the first two days of preliminaries. Out of the seventy-two, 34 were selected to compete again in two more days of final competitions.
A suspenseful moment ensued while the judges’ votes were tallied. And then came the announcement: Johnny Thompson from Las Vegas is the new World Champion! He emailed me later that he was surprised, and very, very happy. “I wish you were here so you could have seen it!” he wrote.
I missed all the events honoring ELVIS PRESLEY on his 30th death anniversary, so I wasn’t able to see the “Images of the King” and “Ultimate ETA” competitions. For Elvis fans like me who didn’t make it to Memphis, and would like to view the announcement of the winners, log in to this website:
Here are the top winners and their awards: JOHNNY THOMPSON of Las Vegas, Nevada, World champion, $1,500 cash and $1,500 gift certificate from B&K Enterprises; GINO MONOPOLI of Canada, second place, $600 cash and $800 gift certificate from B&K; SCOTT NORTON of Florida, third place, $400 in cash and $500 gift certificate from B&K. CODY SLAUGHTER won the People’s Choice award, while GENE SHAW and JERRY BRIAN tied for the Spirit of Elvis award.
Former “Images of the King” World champions were guest performers, among them: MICHAEL HOOVER, 1988; DAVID LEE, 2004; MARIO, 2005; and ELVIS, JR., 2006.
The day after the Grand Finals, Johnny attended and performed at the Breakfast of Champions together with DAVID LEE, GINO MONOPOLI, and GARY ELVIS BRITT.
“Images of the King” is the original ETA competition in Memphis, started in 1986 (21 years ago) by DOC FRANKLIN. It has evolved through the years into a family reunion, expo and entertainment showcase. Around 2,000 people from around the world attended this year’s competition.
Elvis Impersonator 

iPhone Helps Users Get the Message

free texting app

The iPhone Mobile Phone Helps Users Get the Message

It used to be that mobile phone were utilized just for making calls, however that isn’t the case anymore. When
people acquire a mobile phone, they want to not just be able to talk on the phone to their good friends, they likewise
want to have the ability to speak with their friends with chat as well. Free Texting App

One of the greatest problems that people have when they are texting somebody with a cell phone is that they
discover themselves making a great deal of errors due to the keypads on their cellular phone. But when you are texting
with an Apple iPhone, you will find that your mistakes and typos seem to vanish like magic. Free Text App

The factor for this is that the Apple iPhone is geared up with something called an SMS application,
including a Qwerty soft keyboard that is highly smart. Free Messaging App

Exactly what this does is that it looks for the typos that you make when you are texting somebody and fixes them for
you. This conserves you a lot of time, due to the fact that you don’t. have to worry about going back and fixing them.
yourself. Philippines Virtual Assistant

Another feature that the iPhone has when it comes to. messaging that teenagers will like is the ability to.
send out a text message to more than someone at. once. This is actually convenient if you are planning a get.
together or a crucial meeting.

The Apple iPhone exceeds and beyond exactly what consumers. are looking for when it pertains to texting ability,.
and assists them to do things rapidly and efficiently.

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Get a Reliable Auto Repair Estimate

auto repair

Get a Reliable Auto Repair Estimate

It is important to get automobile repair service approximates prior to you in fact pick an automobile repair service store since the cost reveals significant variation. It is a whole lot better not to in fact wait for your vehicle to break down prior to you begin your search for automobile repair work stores as that can be far more costly, including to your existing anxiety of having to do without your individual transportation.
Ways to get Get a Reliable Auto Repair Estimate:
As soon as you choose to turn over your car repair service to a store and not deal with the job yourself, you will certainly have to get automobile repair work quotes. Right here are a couple of things to bear in mind about this:
Car repair service stores have sites where you send the information and they send you a quote through e-mail within a brief time. There are likewise online forums where you can send the details and various car repair work stores send you their finest quotes so that you can pick from them.
Call around. You can likewise acquire automobile Spring Texas transmission repair service approximates over the phone from your regional stores.
The method to obtain the very best car repair service quotes is to really take your automobile to the car store which you can select after asking around. When the mechanics analyze your vehicle, they will certainly have the ability to provide you far more precise quotes.
Aspects impacting car repair service quotes. Transmission Repair Spring Tx
There are a variety of elements that impact transmission repair service quotes. These are:
Often the mechanic will certainly need to eliminate undamaged parts of the automobile to reach the issue location. After repair service, these parts are then set up once again. Just how much parts will certainly need to be gotten rid of and reinstalled impact the car repair work quote.
The biggest part of expense of automobile repair work is the expense of parts which have actually to be changed. You can decide for OEM (initial devices producer) parts which are made by the vehicle business and as excellent as the initial. You can discover car parts within your spending plan from these various classifications. All Out Diesel and Transmission
In addition to the above, labor are most likely the most crucial elements affecting Tomball auto repair service quotes. Many stores charge flat costs for services like oil modification or setting up brand-new brake pads. If per hour rates are charged, discover exactly what this rate is and how long it will certainly require to repair your automobile. Transmission Repair Spring Texas
Finally, in case of some unique repair work, the store might utilize a subcontractor and this will considerably affect the car repair service quotes.

New York Auto Transport

Long Island Auto Transport

Personal Health Care Information

Personal Health Care Information


The health information of every person is required so that in case medical matters happen in the future, it
will certainly be much easier to figure out the proper medication that ought to be administered. At present, the individual
health details can be kept digitally. The records are undamaged and approximately date. These digital records can
offer support for the connection of treatment.Considering that the records are kept digitally, all the health
Information is private.

Quality healthcare can now be offered to every individual all throughout his life time since of the
digital health and medical records. If you truly appreciate your individual health, you need to have a portable gadget
that can help with the storage and retrieval of individual health records quickly and in a protected
way. The gadget must be user friendly so that issues can be prevented or decreased.

Lots of people are not extremely ready for their medical records or in any concern concerning their health due to the fact that it
typically indicates something bad. When individuals are healthy, they are not thinking about discussing their health.

You see, people correspond health to illness and it is dispiriting Pain Specialist . LED Lights Manufacturing

Did you understand that individual health details care is essential? As an accountable
individual, you need to not overlook your individual health details. You’ll never ever understand when a medical
emergency situation may turn up. Having the needed health details instantly will be available in helpful and you will certainly be
provided instantaneous medical interest. Las Vegas Vitamins

Your case history plays an essential function in offering the suitable
treatment. Health experts can assist you and offer you their finest service through the help of your digital
health record. Las Vegas Cardiologist and heart doctors.

If you have a computer system in your home or you have your laptop computer, you can produce a digital record of your
individual health details. Even if you do not wish to share your health information with others, you need to still keep
such records for emergency situation functions. It’s likewise a method of looking after your health. You can keep the information on
the computer system or in your laptop computer. As discussed previously, the gadget you’re making use of must be easy to use so
that when the requirement occurs, your household can get the required medical health details.

Individual Health and Medical information

The digital individual health information must be brought particularly when taking a trip abroad. You’ll never ever understand if
a mishap may occur or something may turn up and you will certainly require medical interest. Taking a trip
overseas may present some illness due to the modification of environment or weather condition and you can be prepared
if you have the digital records with you. You simply require a little bit of inspiration so that you will certainly want
to lug such details with you. If you desire, you can even encourage the other member of the family to do the very same

Attempt to get as much details as you can about your individual health. If you can still discover details when
you were still the young, the much better; organize the files according to your age and newest records should
be on top of the file. You can look for assistance from your family practitioner so that you can likewise get some crucial
information about your previous examinations. These physician will certainly want to assist you out
Of course, you ought to still get in touch with the needed healthcare carrier if you’re not feeling well. Take
excellent care of your individual health details due to the fact that it may be of great use to you in the future.



Making good use of Solar Power

Making good use of Solar Power


There are various items that are made utilizing solar power. Solar power  is utilizing the sun’s natural heat to produce electrical energy, heat, and more. When you utilize solar power you are utilizing the natural resources discovered that can not damage the earth in methods that other techniques can. LED Bulb Lights Manufacturer

There are more items that make use of solar power than exactly what we understand. A lot of the electronic devices made will certainly make use of some type of solar power in order to operate entirely and properly. Solar leads calculators require a particular quantity of light inside the solar panel in order to turn the calculator on and perform exactly what you desire it to do; include, deduct, divide, increase and more. Solar Lead Generation

Using Solar Energy

Cooking outdoors can likewise be done by utilizing solar panel leads in order to warm the aspect that will certainly stir up and permit for even cooking. Due to the fact that more individuals are turning to solar power for their future energy source there are business that are marketing items that are produced making use of solar power. Click here if you are looking for aged solar leads? LED Corn Bulb Lights

In the future when everything counts on solar energy in order to work we will certainly be prepared making use of the expertise and the items that are readily available today. We cannot anticipate the future in solar power however we can all do our finest to make it occur.

SEO Basics for all Small Businesses

SEO Basics for all Small Businesses

In the context of search engine optimization, numerous individuals correspond an enhanced website to a website with excellent search engine positions. Sprinkle a little fairy dust over right here and waive the magic wand over there and wallah … a spectacular meal of very first page positions for the Internet’s a lot of competitive keyword terms.

The truth is, if you believe you are going to accomplish rankings for competitive keyword terms just by including a couple of keywords to your internet site, you have to pinch yourself since you’re dreaming. Carry out a search for your main keyword terms and you will certainly see a coming down list, numerous pages deep of web sites that have actually been “enhanced” with differing degrees of success. The secret is to comprehend the aspects that distinguish those that rank on the very first page from those that do not.

The qualities that figure out online search engine positions can be categorized into 2 fundamental classifications; “on-page elements” and “off-page elements”. In one of the most fundamental sense, on-page elements pertain to qualities within your website and off-page aspects relate to qualities that take place beyond your website. In such a way, on-page elements inform the engines what you think about yourself, while off-page aspects inform the engines exactly what the Internet at large considers you.

The very first step is to identify the keywords that individuals search for when they are looking for the items or services you have to provide. Keyword devices such as WordTracker and Google’s Keyword device let you understand how numerous individuals search for a specific search term and supply tips for relevant keyword terms. Utilize the device to match 2 to 3 suitable keywords to each of the internet pages within your website.

It depends on how competitive your keyword terms are. Off-page elements have to do with the amount and quality of inbound links from external internet pages. The algorithms that identify search engine positions depend greatly on external connecting in examining the authority or dependability of internet websites. Now days to rank highly SEO firms are using Custom Private Blog Networks or SEO Outsourcing to get the job done.

A quality back links is a link from a subject appropriate websites which contains the keyword you are attempting to rank for in the anchor text of the link. There are numerous methods to get quality back links. Send your website to Internet directory sites such as Yahoo or, ask your company partners or other friendly internet sites to connect to you, or talk to an expert online search engine advertising company who is credentialed in the art of link structure.

The Penguin Method Dating System

The Penguin Method Dating System


The Penguin Method Dating System

I came across an adorable (and eye-opening) video that I really want to share with you: In the video, my friend Christian reveals a strange little secret about penguins that can give YOU the love life you’ve always dreamed of.

You’re probably thinking, “Penguins? HUH??” That was my reaction when I first heard about this controversial video… But then I watched it, and I was SHOCKED at how much sense it made… You see, penguins are one of those rare and wonderful species that mate for life… And female penguins know a SECRET that makes the male penguins fall madly and obsessively in love with them.

Get the secret here (and use it on any man you want): The best part is, once you learn how this secret works, YOU can use it to make any man “fall” for you… To make him desperately miss you when you’re not around…

To make his heart pound in his chest like a herd of elephants every time he sees you… To make him want ONE THING more than anything else in the world… To have you, hold you, and be yours (and only yours) FOREVER. If you want to be the PRIZE that he desperately wants to win, so that he never takes you for granted again, then I urge you to watch this while it’s still online:

==> Here is a SAMPLE of the video.

The Penguin Method Dating System

Business News – Financial News – New York Stock Exchange 2014

Business News – Financial News – Stock Exchange – Wall Street – Market News – New York Stock Exchange 2014

This was a short holiday week, with markets closed Friday, nevertheless, optimism was abundant. Monday marked the end of the 2nd quarter with the S&P 500 gaining the past six quarters, the longest string of quarterly gains since 1998. In addition, the Chicago purchasing managers’ index remained strong at 62.6 for June, down from 65.5 in May. The pending home sales index, for existing homes, surged 6.1% in May.

On Tuesday, China’s purchasing managers’ index for June was at 51, a six month high. The Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index was 55.3 for June, close to May’s five month high of 55.4. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at record highs.

On Wednesday, the ADP employment report for June came in much stronger than expected at 281,000 and much higher than May’s 179,000. Factory orders for May fell .5%, however, defense dragged it down, and removing the defense component showed a slight .2% rise. The S&P 500 and the Dow Industrials both closed at record highs.

On Thursday, the much awaited nonfarm payroll report for June came out and it did not disappoint. Total jobs increased 288,000, much higher than expected and up from 224,000 in May. The unemployment rate fell to 6.1%, and average hourly earnings were up .2%. Jobless claims for the week ending June 28th held steady at 315,000, almost unchanged from the prior week. Markets were up modestly on the news and the Dow Industrials broke 17,000 for the first time.

July 3, 2014 Weekly Stock Market Wrap up:
General Motors (NYSE: GM)
Hormel Food Corp. (NYSE: HRL)
Kroger (NYSE: KR), Inc. (NASDAQ: VITC

Business News – Financial News – Stock Exchange – New York Stock Exchange — Wall Street — Market News 2014