Noise Induced Hearing Loss - Avoidance and Treatment

March 19, 2021 Nutrition

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Avoidance and Treatment

Hearing loss is something that can be exceptionally difficult to deal with. If individuals around you are unaware that you have a hearing loss, it can make it more difficult to communicate and has the power to impact every part of your life. Noise induced hearing loss is no different.

Reasons For Sound Induced Hearing Loss

Sound induced hearing loss is brought on by exposure to damaging levels of sound. It can either be noises that are too loud, too close or skilled for extended. In noise induced hearing loss, the damage happens in the inner ear where there are sensitive structures that transform noise into signals that travel to the brain to understand exactly what you hear. Typical locations that sound induced hearing loss occurs would be factories or workshops where personnel are exposed to high levels of sound for extended amount of times or being exposed to the sound of an explosion, fireworks or a loud motor bike, for example.

Direct exposure to loud noises, over 120-150 decibels, damages the hair cells in the inner ear and can trigger ringing in the ears, tinnitus, along with instant hearing loss. Sound caused hearing loss can be short-lived, lasting about 16 to 2 Days or it can be irreversible. Sound induced hearing loss can happen slowly if it is related to direct exposure to loud noise over a long period of time. Given that a regular discussion is roughly 60 decibels, anything double that is most likely to cause damage. Extensive exposure to loud noise while your ears are unguarded can cause pain in the ears as well as damage to the fine hairs in the inner ear. When these hairs are harmed, the issue is permanent.

Avoidance of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Sound caused hearing loss can be avoided with using ear muffs or ear plugs. Factories and workshops typically provide these for workers but if the direct exposure to sound isn’t really taking place at a place of employment, a lot of pharmacies offer ear plugs that can be worn anywhere extreme sound is going to be experienced.

Noise caused hearing loss can be experienced by anybody who has actually been or is being exposed to loud noise. It can be detected by the sound of speech or other noises becoming stifled or distorted. The level of the hearing loss can be discovered with making use of a hearing test.

Understanding that sound caused hearing loss is preventable helps. It can be prevented just by preventing situations where you could be exposed to noise over 85 decibels. Using ear plugs or some type of noise defense for your ears will help in minimizing the chance of harming your ears. Using ear plugs at a rock show, for example, may not be cool, but will secure your hearing from sound caused hearing loss.

The first step if you feel that you have noise caused hearing loss is to go and have a hearing test. If the sound induced hearing loss is long-term and comprehensive, using hearing aids might be needed.

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